Many Masks

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 20:49 -- k8carr

An old friend to keep and love

A leather mask for Hebe, of hope, youth,

A new idol to impress

A mirage, at my best

A sister whose love cannot depart

A cold word, distance to shield, to blur.


A true friend to comfort, understand

A fake similarity; becoming real

A boy whose impression might last

Another veil, a partial lie...

A parent who hears cares as the night hears a lonesome howl

An effort to hide the tears that chase worries.


An adult who's proud: who knows me

A painted red smile, peeling and worn

A straightforward teacher, kind, direct,

A glimpse past the opaque glass mask -not the surface,

A child full of hopeful innocence-

                       Lacking the judgement of age.


A window in a locked house shuttered closed, is it

                        An empty room if no one can see it?

An unseen room can hold no beauty, yet there remains

                        A feeling heart that beats behind the different doors.

A heart without the welcoming, burning light of day, contains

                        A slow dragging rhythm under the weight of the facade.


To see the sun

Step out from the heavy curtain,

Shed burdens, and


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Our world
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