Many Lives Lived

How many lives must I live

In order to be done?

I don't want to survive

Just give my life away to anyone. 


There is no point, 

No lesson to be learnt. 

I am just a poisonous joint, 

Waiting to be burnt. 


My mind is never clear, 

It's scattered, tattered, and cluttered. 

I wish I could dissapear, 

And be only something that was just once muttered. 


Every life I've lived accumulates, 

I don't even know how to handle one!

Each time a new problem penetrates, 

And I feel so done. 


When one life ends, 

Another one begins. 

I rarely recieve friends, 

But, when I do, they have just as deep of sins. 


I can't find a connection between any life lived, 

Is there a solution?

I've been so deprived, 

Yet, I find no resolution. 


When will I be gone?

Why is there this evil cycle?

I'm rarer than a leprechaun,

Even one riding a unicycle. 


Please take me away, 

Let me be at peace. 

Let me forget about every day, 

Let me be a sacred masterpiece. 


I'm past overdue, 

I've lived much too long. 

I'm so much worse than the flew, 

Because I've grown to be too strong. 


And yet, I am weak.

I handle what is thrown at me, 

Without any sort of technique. 

I just want to be set free. 


But I'm never released. 

I'm trapped in one life to the next, 

Always connected to The Beast,

Which, has me rather perplexed. 


I want to die. 

I want to live. 

All I do is cry, 

I wish that I could thrive. 

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