The volume is being written 
the series of Dark Angel and Moonlight 
who seeks to uncover the secrets of her faith 
Dark Angel the darkness of lies haunt
her day and night .
He is the angel of ancient darkness 
of the lost manuscripts 
The carved in the hate all over the place 
of a love gone bad .
Dark Angel losses his mind 
A Manuscript of his kind has been written to turn 
the faith of true light
of true love to a nasty dark lies ,
He makes traps to draw in his victims 
It's true when love can make one blind 
the image of evil thoughts come to plot ,
When the heart has been broken 
The cuts get deeper at ones heart 
Love is forever lost ,
Dark Angel; finds love is more complicated then he 
could had ever known 
true love never dyes nor ever grows old .
Dark Angel ; a scanners manuscript of his own 
of all his lies and traps 
He had played so many times on Moonlights mind 
The head games that had been eating at her soul 
to beat her down .
But he could never take her true vision of the 
higher ground of true nature of love .
Lilly Emery               11-12-99


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