A Man's Secret

There is one simple truth that I am sure nearly all women know.

We men act tough but have truly weak heart and daily it seems to show.

We put on a tough guy air so that we can protect what we feel inside.

We dont know how to use our emotions like females, who seem to know when to show it or hide.


And then when we have someone we want to protecty we seem lost as to what to do.

Yea, we are strong physically or mentally and sometimes both are true.

But when that person cries, screams, is enraged, or more.

How do we as men cover, protect, or show that person that they are adored?

Does he say, "Tell me who did this to you?"

Or maybe he will say, "Dont listen to them for they dont know what is true."

We say those words that we hopewill bring comfort but we are uneasy ourselves.

For we are trying to show an emotion we were told never to show so in the end it seems like it always fails.


So ladies help us by giving us a reason to give you our heart.

Allow us to love deep that we know how not to fear the inevitable part.

Let us become the weak man we are inside only in front of you.

Do not tear us down but allow us to be true.

Love us through our falults and the pain.

And in the end you will see there is so much more to have and even to be gained.

For as we learn to be ourselves we leave our heart in you hand.

And trust that you will treasure it as if it was more important than this earth on which we stand.


We need your LOVE to truly become strong.

We need your HEART to be able to build a real home.

we need YOU more than you know.

Just please do not overuse/abuse us for the the walls of Jericho will build back up and then we will do things that will make us both want to let go.

TOUCH us softly with hands filled with love that we will long for it every day.

KISS us sweetly so we long to hear what those lips have to say.

HOLD our gaze until we no longer can look into your eyes.

WRAP us in your arms and make it feel like time stands still instead of slowing passing by.


Doing all this will never be in vain.

For at the end of the day we will return the love sometimes in the same way.

So there is our secret on the table for you and next will be our past and pain.

So tell us your secret and the this will no longer be a chess match or some random strategy game.



Need to talk?

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