Mandalay Mayday

The closing night meant a closing fight. THe calm before the storm was a wave of crowds smiling, singing to Jason Aldean harmoniously, this was heaven in a world of hell to come. The undertaker stayed hidden in plain sight. As a popping similar to colorful fireworks filled the dark sky, those confused looked to the sky, maybe it was the warning of God. In realizing imminent danger, the harmonies of voices became discorded and distorted, aborted was Jason as he ran for cover, sheltering himself from the rain of bullets. The crowd hit the floor as if it was readily available for a hug. Rapid fire retired for only a brief second as the crowd scrambled to escape the reaper's return. Some were fortunate, some simply didn't have the time. Their wrists showed no promise of tomorrow, just today. Posessed posession of ill thoughts reap ill intentions, I must mention your mind boxes you in like after school detention. You must pay attention to those you call friends cause some are foes. These people never befriended, never knew danger trailed into a resort with an attempt to take the throne of the devil. Hell isn't feared with open eyes and wise minds. Hell is when you step outside, babies cry, fathers die, mommies left to look to the sky, she wants to be taken too. The pain of the dead never returning must feel indescribable. Can't describe, no perscription perscribed can fade away the PTSD surviving victims will be stuck with. No more fourth of July. No more New Year's Resolution. Didn't get the resolution needed or the justice when Paddock put gun to temple, didn't respect his temple or the holy existence stored in others below. He was a bold coward. Cowering 32 stories high, more than 32 bodies die. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't remain silen, cause all was loud that night. R.I.P to the victims.

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