The Man Who Stole Mind

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 14:07 -- jdrose

Why do you need audience?
Someone who really wants to leave,
Doesn't tell anyone else,
They go in secret.
If you reach out,
It's because you want help.
You don't really want it to end.
I know, I've been there,
Showing hidden signs of suicide.
Today is not the day,
neither was last year.
Maybe one day I'll find the courage,
But until then, I'm still here.
Don't be scared for me,
Be scared for the others.
The ones who don't say a word,
and don't want the help.
Maybe boy its just depression,
something medication will fix.
Maybe you just can't handle the stress,
then leave that place.
Maybe you get beat every night,
or raped by your father.
You may love them but it's not worth it.
Report them or die.
No one believes that reporting them will solve it.
Well, let me tell you a secret.
I sent things I wasn't supposed to.
Things to inappropriate for school,
to a guy I met on the internet.
My mind was gone and depressed,
yet he was the only one who would listen.
It clouded my judgement when he asked,
because I didn't want him to leave.
Listen hear child,
not everyone is what they seem.
My options were to meet him,
let him have his way,
or the world would see my terrible deed.
I told my parents and went to police,
now that bastard is in jail.
He used a minor for his own sick games,
and didn't care what happened.
If I ever met him I can't explain the pain he would receive,
well maybe I could, but that's another story.
I have learned to accept the things that he has done.
I accepted the mistakes that I had made.
Today I have never been stronger.
Don't give up because someone will always help.
I never think like I did that night.
I never want to give up my life,
you know why?
I want to save other girls,
who suffer the same,
or even worse fate.
Don't make someone have to stand up for you,
because you aren't here for yourself.


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