A Man Who I'm Proud to Become



  Don't be dependent on life being good or easy... It's different everyday. When someone chucks a rock at you... Catch it! It's all about how you fray. In our day to day lives, we comprehend what we want.But in the end our love for one another is what will flaunt. Others envy what we have- and hours spent grasps hand in hand. You are my mountain dad and I am your sand. Darkening your scenery and becoming a man. From sweet smells of pancake aroma- to stability in my heart... You are the father that I only wish to have... You are the man that I am proud to have had as dad- and you are the reflection of what I am...  I will hold you up as you held me-I am your pebble on this mountain giving your morals I've endowed to the rest of humanity. Thank you for what you've given- thank you for what you've let me take. I am your "little boy blue" and you're my father on the moon guiding me through what my life may stew.


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