Man of Steel

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 16:37 -- ecimase

Behold, the man of steel



But is he human?

Or is he far more?

Bullets bounce off

Explosions tickle

Extreme heat or cold

Not even bothered

Deadly radiation?

Not a problem

With speed, faster

Than a speeding bullet

With a strength

More powerful than

A locomotive

Able to leap mountains

With a single bound

Stronger than defies

The laws of physics

Powered by the Sun

Weakened by a rock

Even the big dogs

Fear his power

A power far beyond


Something that we

Can never truly fathom

A man that fights for

Both truth and justice

And the American Dream

At least the power

Doesn’t go to his head

And the morals

That he values above

Even his own safety

He is the one and only

Man of Steel


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