To The Man I Love

I never planned on falling for you,
I only meant to say "hello".
And you promised we'd only be friends,
That if we ever got together,
We'd take things slow.
I was too young,
That was what you told me.
But yet we wanted more,
So much more than just seeing.

The delicate palm of mine
Fell perfectly into yours.
We kissed away the scars,
The broken skin, the sores.
Our hearts beat together,
Having each other's arms
Keeping us close.
Souls wildly throbbing within the embrace,
Bodies in a desperate hold.

It is impossible now
For us to ever go back.
The thought of us just being friends
Is an idea dark as black.
For I love you,
And nothing will change that.
I wish to marry you,
Proving to the world that we will last.



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