The Man With A Dream

The Man with A Dream


By Sam Barker



To all the guys feeling pressure like me


Don’t you go on mentioning diversity


Unless you show up with a hearse and a key


Cause the hole ghetto university, is gonna be, up on your ass—like you ain’t never have seen


Be ready to scream, because the man with a dream, had a plan, but it sure aint complete


And it starts and it ends with people like you and like me, not white, not black, but a community


What is it gonna take to make you see, to open your eyes, and realize, that the real enemy, are people who take our rights in a land that’s supposed to be free


That point one percent that thinks a sixty-year struggle don’t represent, an escape from believing in more than one equality


So it’s time to stop avoiding barking up the tree


And ask who we really fighting in reality



Change your perspective who you really wanna be


Just another voice or you, he, and she


Validity, Monogamy, I’m all about the rhymes you see


But it doesn’t matter what the fee, or whatever your methodology


As long as the common philosophy, maintains to believe in no hypocrisy, I’ll believe, there sure aint no Donald Trump magic dollar trees, and it don’t matter if you white, black, red, or green


So remember this, no matter how hard your dissed


It all started with a man very keen on displaying his dream


despite being more than aware of his mortality, I guess his morality


Was strong enough to make the people realize, that this was more than not being nice, and now it’s finally time

To fulfill the glory of he


Who’s still writing the story of what it means to be


May he forever live on in eternity


He was one small man with one big dream.



This poem is about: 
My country


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