The Man Among Men


Today, I went to school to learn of new things in the world,

Entering there, I sat in a chair thinking of the world to be.

A hopeful, cheerful, peaceful world full of loving care,

Though, a world of hate and tear made its way in.

I felt so cold and thought some more.

What if the world could be so much more!


I thought and thought and thought some more.

Could someone like me help the world truly soar?

I treasured what I saw so dear,

Where the world was proudly near,

It needed help in some way or form.

How, oh how could I change the world!


With a thought, with a dream,

With a persevering spirit,

With a passion, with a story,

An adventure of a lifetime,

A time of great mystery,

A time of great discovery,

For who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I do,

Because I will change it.


As One to Experience,

Cameron Joly



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