That Man

It's just you & the darkness

Then he comes home, asking

What happened to the lights &

Who cut off the phone?

It's then when you feel it, the same feeling

You get every time you think you've done wrong,

But in reality it’s not you...

A numbness takes over your body &

You can’t move, but you can hear him scream & yell at you,

talking 'bout how you never do what he tells you to...

You recall the day when he said his woman only served 3 purposes

to cook, clean, and make babies, now where in there does

paying bills take place?

He strikes you in the face with the back of his hand &

says look what you made me do you know I love you...

You think to yourself love?

Love is patient...he's never waiting

Love is slow to anger...he's nothing but danger

Love is kind...He must be blind, there's no smile on this face of mine...

All these thoughts race through your mind as he draws back to hit you

For the many of ‘‘last times''

He looks you in your eyes & you feel a sense of relief

But deep down inside you have so much despise

The first tear in years comes rolling from his eyes

He says '' I’m sorry...I’m so sorry I promise it won’t happen again ''

There it goes that same line AGAIN

You want him to feel your pain to stop handing you all the blame

Your MIND says ''I can I can!''

But your heart says ''I love than man, I want to believe he won't hurt me again.''

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