Mama's Hands


Younger, she was there

In the day, the night, all in between

Her hands helping you up when you fell

Tucking you in bed when you’re shivering


Clock keeps going, almost a “grown up”

Just a teen, with jumbled thoughts

Insecurities, and hard questions, but she’s there

She’s there to answer your silent questions, to help you


The sun and Earth keeps revolving

Baby girls isn’t a baby, but in mama’s eyes she will always be

She will help you with college papers

Finding a job won’t be easy but she’ll try to help


Peer pressures and new surroundings

But she’s only a phone call away

She’s there for the drama, the tears, the laughs

She will drive to your dorm and make you crazy, but that’s her job


Schools done, but a new job, a new home

She’s right there to hang up the first picture frame

The first dinner, warm and like your childhood

First night without your mama, and you miss that


The first time I became a mama

He’s so small and delicate and I’ll be there

Helping him up when he falls

Tucking him in bed, just like mama.


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