Mama,Mother,Mommy,Mom they're all the same


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Mama I want to thank you for bringing me in this world
Even though you wanted a girl
I'm still your little snookums
But Im about to go to college and i'm going to make you proud
So while I'm \in school Just relax and lay on that cloud
Because you always been there for me
and when I was little you would say always read carefully
I Just want to tell you that your son loves you
and I know you've been going through hard times but stay true
but if you stay true you'll get through
I remember those days you coming to school to eat lunch with me
I also remember those when you had to start looking up to me
You deserve everything from that nice car, to living in luxury
I want you to live comfortably
like joey said, since 95 my mom has been working 9-5
and she has that strive to be the best of the best
and when people say is that your mother I just smile and say Yes..
I love you Mommy..


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very touching
your mom will be proud of you if she were to heard you recite
keep writing brother

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