mama, your little girl isn't doing too well,
lately, she's been going through hell,
trying to please you, and everybody else,
it seems in all of that she forgot about herself.
you don't seem to notice, 
you don't seem to care,
you don't seem to understand what going with her.
shes hurting and she's broken and she doesn't know what to do,
and mama I think she could really use some help from you.
you're supposed to give her guidance, help her make it through, 
don't you hear her crying, all night in her room?
Can't you see it in her smile, 
her it in her laugh,
don't you see she's different,
she's putting on a mask.
she's fighting and she's yelling,
you just can't get along,
but mama she's just tired from hurting for so long.
mama she don't hate you, but something's really wrong.
she's frustrated and angry cause she knows that she needs help,
just know that she don't blame you as much as she blames herself,
she's scared to say a word,
but mama I think it's time you heard,
that your baby is beating herself up,
over these feelings, she can't seem to turn off.
the weight that's on her shoulders, shes carrying alone
mama, she's been holding it for way too long.
There are bruises on her soul and tears in her eyes,
mama, I promise her pain is not a lie.


This poem is about: 
My family





i felt that in my tears

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