The Makings of A Legend


When I was born, my soul was full of crack and cocaine

Six months premature, those drugs nearly murdered my brain

You called my mom? Mom like a stranger who gave me life

Hand in hand.

Soul to soul.

Yet she NEVER thought twice.

Selling me to dirty men yet she was claiming she loved me

How can you downgrade your daughter?

Yeah.. She thought nothing of me.

Left me in a crack house, probably left me to die.

People say I should hate her, but she ain't ruin my life!

Foster care wasn't bad adoption papers filed soon.

But the pain my mother faced, no one will EVER immune.

She took me everywhere trying to get me the help.

It's like they spit in her face so she made it happen herself.

Told her I wouldn't live long, I wouldn't amount too much.

To those doctors, all this here should put them on hush.

They also said that I would learn really slow,

maintaining straight A's just thought everybody should know.

Spoken lies

Unspoken truths

Here is my full story put yourself in my shoes..

TOO MANY spoken lies 

TOO MANY unspoken truths

So here is my full story

Put yourself in my shoes.

It was the start of sixth grade everything started off good.

Things began to travel down hill 

I should've figured they would

Gotta new foster child he would be like my bro


A male role model? 

I didn't know.

He sat me at the table looking me deep in my eyes.

If I knew then what I know now

I'd say it was all lies

He said "Sonnata, I never had a little sister before-

but I promise to protect you and I won't allow for-

anyone to hurt you or anyone to try-

no longer do you have to fear no longer should you cry-"

That was all spoken lies

None of it was spoken truths

To move towards my future gotta cut off all these dead roots

One night I was laying down almost sleep in my bed

He knocked and quietly came in to place games with my head

He started kissing on me, I would ask him to stop

He'd tell me to shut up and quickly forced me on top.

It all hurt so bad I start to cry I tried to yell

He told me if I did he'd kill my family, make my life hell.

I thought of taking my life 

I felt so worthless and empty

Nobody to talk to, thought everyone was against me.


I blocked everyone out my life, 

blamed myself for what happened. 

Although I had no control he took my innocent soul.


That girl that I was is just a girl that I knew.

You're naive to the fact until it happenes to you.

Calling out "STRANGER DANGER!" but at one time that was YOU

Too many spoken lies 

Too many unspoken truths.


The war is now over, rather surprised I survived.

Fighting enemies night and day trying hard to stay alive

Fear controlled my life, I was so confused

A smile on my face yet I was mentally abused.


I know he won't a brother, next time I will think twice

He's heartless, he's ice-cold

He deserves jail for life.

People say "Oh you're so wise-

So young writing out your life-"

All I say is think twice.

for me pain the best advice.

Without test and trials,

I wouldn't be here.

Facing the world open minded 

Without any fears.

 So hold your head high,

Forgive but don't forget.

Although it may be hard try not to reminisce.

The makings of a legend are often hidden in trial.

Let the pain pour from the whoms,

the healing process is next.

I am Sonnata Pembroke, and I survived the test.



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