Making a Golden Society

Why are we so hateful?

Why is our society so hateful?

Why are we so quick to judge,

But we don’t offer help to those who need it most?

We tell everyone to be expressive of themselves,

But criticize who they are – everything that makes them THEM.

We all act so highly of ourselves,

But we’re really no different than one another.

Let’s face it.

Our society is filled with hypocrites

Of instead of accepting blame ourselves

We blame others for our mistakes.

We all think we’re grown adults,

But maturity and an age do not aid our case

Of participating in activities way beyond our reach,

Mentally, Physically, Emotionally.

Individually we al think we’re right or older or the best…

And that’s how we all think and act.

So using this logic, who is ultimately right?

Who’s ultimately the oldest, with maturity and age?

Who’s ultimately the best?

How would you determine something like this?

There’s one way to make a human,

However there are several ways to shape someone’s mind.

And if we, as a society, started early enough,

Indoctrination, in ways,

To remove the hatred,

Remove the hypocrisy,

Remove the heinous acts.

We could have a perfect society,

In a perfect world,

With perfect people.

On the other hand,

The word “perfect” never is itself.

Because there’s always going to be:



Black Sheep.

What we need as a society are

People who are the better ones.

The better exceptions.

The better outcasts.

The better black sheep.

The better versions of themselves.

‘Cause if we all acted as highly as we think we do,

(Because thinking and doing are two different things!)

And if we all treated one another with kindness,

And realized that we’re all human,

Not only will we have a brighter future,

But a Better Tomorrow,

A Golden Society

A kinder and gentler YOU.

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