Make suffer is natural for you

Sitting on the bridge of your words
on its own darkness
I just try to let go of your hands
and looked for a place to look
for what I need to know,
and I don't really know who you are already
but still remain with you,
and when I cry my tears silent
its principles don't have a ending,
but if I could erase my life would only keep my soul
and instincts of your look with you.
But give me the promise that someday you took,
give me the promise that it was natural for you to take,with such feeling that remained in me,
and you did already,
it is natural for me because I'm better today,
and i know what you don't know about yourself
that your feelings just tell to be natural when they go
and come back for something,
because of that everything is natural to me.
So long ago I thought I needed you to be happy,
dont need you today because life is already equal.


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