Make sense


The chaos you brought into my life 

So suddenly, I  was swept away 

Floating above all the mayhem 

Trying to make sense of the pages your wrote in my story 

Trying to piece together the puzzle 

With bits of my past missing 

Desperately trying to find your motive 

What would drive you to go these insane lengths 

Slowly you were falling 


Falling into the darkness of the night 

You stayed up to to late hours 

Danced in the rain

 you were grieving loss

You turned your grief into hate 

And took it out on us 


You were a tornado waiting to crash,

You were surviving off of the toxins trapped inside the glass 

You had plans with the devil to meet after lunch and start planting his seeds

You lost faith and all hope 

You tried to make to make sense of the scene playing out 

But the world kept spinning out 

Spinning twirling into a vivid rainbow of colors 

Until you fell 


You were lost 

I was the only one left to put you back together again 

Always on the sidelines 

Waiting for your next collison with satin 

But you can’t put together a broken toy with no pecieces 

Momma said accidents happen 

But is it an accident if it keeps on happening 


Momma i don’t think its a mistake 

He does it on purpose to get our attention 

Well dad my ears are open 


I’m searching for some closer 

Begging for answers 

Collecting evidence to build a case against a hurricane of emotions 

And it turns out your searching to 


You forgot all the steps to the dance you did with lucifer himself

Too many blackout nights

Too many blurry days 

You washed away all that pain 

At the end of it all 

Your just a lost cause 

An unfinished puzzle 

A story with no ending 


And eventually it will fit 

And make sense once again


This poem is about: 
My family


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