Make Me Feel Important


I’ve swallowed up my pride; here I come in utmost humility

I’m fed up with the pretence; of harboring emotional tranquility

For quite a while I put on my face a smile that’s artificial

Oblivious of this self-deception of happiness that was superficial

Hiding what was underneath, I became my own tormentor

I now reveal them all to you, could you please be my mentor


Take away my sadness; immerse me in the sea of your mirth

To the deepest of its depths, help me feel that I’m worth

Offer me a shoulder to lean on, recline me in your support

Be my cushion on the couch; provide me with your soft comfort

Share with me your secrets of happiness; make me learn from your experience

Whisper in my ear like confidant; reveal unto me the path to resilience


Once step at a time, I slowly find my existence to have a meaning

I have reclaimed my dignity from a position that was once demeaning

Thanks to your moral support, I’ve built my self-esteem

With you I’ve identified my strength; we’ve formed a formidable team

Though I once was totally dejected; so low, feeling the most inferior

Together we’ve turned the tables; up-side down, I’m more than superior


We all are human, with the desire to love, and to be loved back

In the presence of everything, and absence of love, then everything we lack

The essence of living is to make your existence be felt and celebrated

If in your absence you are not remembered, then your presence was merely tolerated

To double your happiness, share it then we’ll all laugh

To suppress your worries, confide, we’ll make them half

Talk to someone; stop being hesitant, stop being reluctant

You need me, I need you, to make us feel important.



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