Make Love To My Open Wounds

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 15:00 -- Souls

Make love to my open wounds.

Kiss my stitches.

Lick my scars.

Put your spirit inside mine.

Share my soul, feel my touch so vital,.

so cold, breath my air, feel the rush.

Bind thoughts of a love affair don't cheat my body inhale me.

Through each others eyes we stare.

As you conpell me suck me and sufficate me with your love.

Burry your sins with in me so far and deep.

Conceal your flesh through skin till eyes do weep.

Break me into the moutains and stones shatter your life into organs twisted and moans.

Crumble my heart inside you crush your fears into my body crawl into and beneath Skin releasing all your nightmares gasp with-in.

as our tongues entwine and bend.

Cherish my insides so warm in so near, destroy my dreams, so broken so lifeless in dear.


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