A divine arrangement of keys.

A vibrant display of sounds.

A world once unbeknownst to me

Became my life renowned.

A philosophy once inquisitve,

Now seemingly concrete.

An imagination so definitive,

Constructs my life complete.


A painting of familiar scenes,

Only from what I hear.

With scintillating tones, I see sea greens,

Not through my eyes, but through my ear.

To some, it's simply music.

To me, it's paramount.

Such sovereign sounds and noise so spick,

Magnificence to account.


Key signatures each of qualities acquired,

Distinct personalities.

Emotions of all kinds transpired,

True specialities.

B-major transforms to skies of blue,

Flamboyance and serenity hailed.

G-minor induces qualms to ensue,

Where paradise curtailed.


But one key surmounts among them all,

A-major as the virtue.

Sweet purples and harmonies have me enthralled,

My synesthesia awaits these cues.

A key so enticing and so robust.

A key that embodies me.

A key so awesome, a key I've trussed.

A key that is key to the key of my identity.

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