Maine Nights

These blues are only passingBut a picture could just save themFor no night looks like the one beforeThe curve of your smile And the bounce of the fire Reflect in the small ponds of waterOut on the rocksBarefoot and giddyWe toast to a star And fireworks we can’t hearThe sand passes freelyThrough my toes and under my feetThe waves crash and clean over themWhat a musical nightWith silence that lingersYou dance to nothing at allThe moon jellies light up As you swim past the big rocksIn the freezing August waterSuch a breathtaking nightRunning freely And I can’t see itBut I know just I’m heading Under the towerThat sat there for yearsAnd over the green doored tavernThe lighthouse starts sweepingAs the fog drifts inAnd you feel the dew stickingTo your jeans when you’re sitting So back to the rocksWhere the fire is litAnd warmth will welcomeEvery year before fall7 hours to comeI’ll sit with you and stareAt sailboats that loom at the horizonWhen the morning comesWe’ll go to their helmsAnd visit every green islandBut come tonightWhen the stars are so brightI’m happy to sit for a while 

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