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Even while you sleep.
You'd begin to take me. You'd control my world. You'd role play my fantasy. Still the more i'd try to work. I dig in deeper to this Earth until it hurtss. For what though? Because i never seem to learn. I'm not even in search fo anymore treasure. What i've discovered is far much better. Dear i'm being for real. If i should say "I need you here". I really don't know how my future will begin to play out. I need your love to calm the drought.

My mouth is sore my heart is wore. I will tend to all my wound's if you just give me hope we'll consider what we have somthing more.

If you only knew the heartache wich begins to consume. My desire for living. I feel locked inside a room of doom. Where my death just patiantly will just sit back inside part of my brain chained together to keep me sane.
I just await for it's magnificently-great-escape. When it tears down the barrier's. This demon's size is so powerful. It feeds off terror's.

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