The Magical Holidays


I can take a trip anywhere in the universe at anytime I choose and I never have to call a travel agent:

     I can run with the bulls of Spain

dance with King Louis XIV, and Louis XVI

             perhaps debate justice with Socrates and Plato

        I might even drop in on Henry V at the battle of Agincourt on St. Chrispian's Day

after visiting the Louvre on a spring break get away and later on go to a diner party with Cleopatra

                             But my favorite times are when I go and visit the Enterprise or Serenity and see the universe

    however this year I'll play in a qudditch match for the raveclaw team

perchance conquer one or two of the nine realms with Loki

                   or maybe, just maybe, this summer Gandalf will let me pass on my pirated airship

The point is my world is full of magic, consulting detectives, witches, hobbits, dragons, aliens, time-travel, history an demi-Gods not because my travel agent finds all of these exotic places on the internet, but because there is always time to travel 

                                                       between classes

                                                       at the gas station

                                                       or the tag office

when we need a bit of magic and a get away

and we only have to travel to the nearest bookself...

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