Magic is the Night

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 20:53 -- svka


United States
38° 2' 0.942" N, 78° 35' 19.662" W

Late at night, my thoughts come to play
Dancing in my head, each leap of thought a new a brilliant point
Sometimes bright and full, sometimes melancholy
All creating a glorious web in my mind’s theater
Staggering in its complexity
Yet so, so simple in its beauty
I look around my barren room
I look outside my glass window,
View the quiet midnight streets and deep night moon
Shining over my barren garden
A mind so enthralled by the vivid thoughts within
But so uninspired by the austere sights outside
Uncompelled to budge from the sanctity of thought
That as the warm sun rises, and by and by visitors come
I am still locked in the cage of my mind
Unwilling to share the color within
With anyone but the night


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