the magic box

when the glowing bulb turns  r e d  to  g r e e n

even i feel fully charged

the machine in my brain starts churning

and the rest becomes automation


1 - open lid

2 - dim the brightness

3 - enter password: 123


Welcome User 

... how heartfelt

it cares for me 


this expensive rectangle invites me


allows me to explore

to learn

to become fascinated

to be curious

but its powers have unintended consequences


i can share my knowledge 

from the magic box

and empower people

through my writing, my art, my sound, my every creation

wow. what a beautiful thing


how ironic is it?

life all around

yet so clueless

but one inanimate object

and my mind is invigorated 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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