Madre and Padre

Scribble, Scribble

just some more words on a page that aren't going to reach anyone but me

No one is going to see how I feel written in words;

Not till they see it at least

But they are so far away now, three thousand Miles away to be exsact

So when am I going to be able to show them? 

When are they going to see the tears that this paper has shed for me?


I won't cry because they know that I am strong. 

Instead i will hide behind my anger that I post as a face up front

because I was born a Lady, but inside I'm a runt

So I walk out of my house, knife in my pocket and music blair'n

no one is gonna get me

no one is going to run me

I'm free to be my own person, not locked into anything

I'm going to walk with my head high, cause I gotta smile for them and those all around me

Be strong for those who can't be

kick butt of the wanna be

and see that I am me

No one can discribe me

But me


So I walk with my head held high

Because I can make it, just a few more steps.

I'm a warrior in the dark

this life is a walk in the park

You all think I'm tripp'n

But what you don't knos is that I'm Slipp'n

cause paper holds the truth that no one knows.

If you are not them,

then you don't get to know

the hole that throws me below

because I cut all the ropes

and they throw one down. 

I know it's them, and they show me the way

so I'm home, 

no longer alone

and I am safe in their arms to stay

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