Madonna & Child


United States
41° 50' 25.224" N, 87° 36' 49.3236" W

The crooks in the side of your mouth were magic. Dimples deep and reveling, celebrating your magic and youth. Those beautiful sauces dripped from your skin. I crawled closer, desperately seeking a drop. Land near me, on me, somewhere. I want the magic too. Incessant questions of how? May I discover the secret there to your majesty? Hair rolling down the sides of you face, from underneath your crown, your halo. Almost too sacred, a bit untouchable. I was so afraid. I waned to intertwine with a God of sorts. What a horrible sinner I was! What a lusty, lowly, greedy woman I was, you saintly-ness enticing me. Shameful. But like Madonna and child I wanted to be. It was not safe for me there. Your gaze was not safe for me. And so I glanced in every other direction, hiding in the minuscule bits of shadow, left over from your glorious rays.


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