Madness runs

Madness! Madness! Hard talk

Author bunt a talk, maybe madness

Everything a madness! Need to reason

seriously madness, tried to challenge

What we gaining from all this work

All day inna sun, burn up face

people come, and people go, weh dem a go

and everything them come see, them left.

The setting right, the stage set, ball a roll,

Them things deh yah from start.



Rain a fall, breeze a blow, sun a come

Everything looks blue, sky settings

Ball on foot, spin it a spin

They say di world flat, no, a round it round.

Water a run inna water, bird a eat food

Big fish a neat little fish,

water still have room.


Water fall, spring a drop, dive off

Everyone washes to the feel, face clean.

Bill large, pay no large,

boss talk small

Feel like over stay the stay.


Watch the watcher talking much,

Nose smell fishy, food not gain.

What is wrong with mouth, chatty

Same thing happens longtime, happen again

Can’t redo the wheel, it done mek already.

Why surprise if self, reckless behavior

Know self, fools encourage with enforcement

Humans like sleeps, still try fi learn,

plan bad

Run to the stars, looking at the moon

Who was here before? No one cares,

gone north

Bottom coming to top, movements

Not remembering this foolishness,

gone from here.


Don’t follow di general, madness too much

Sick of this madness, the feel is lost

Madness bring out sadness, to the Godless

Gone to the dawgs, madness, madness

Face a scream madness, madness to end, not

Run in circle, watching the madness

Madness, Madness, we must run from madness


The End


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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