Not a home, simply a house.

too loud to hear a mouse

always fussing constant fighting

even with my age a lip I'm biting

RedQueen yelling "Off with her head"

moments I honestly wish I were Dead

Daughter of the White Queen but seen as the black sheep.

The Cheshire comes with a smile and fades with the same

Even with their presence nothing seems to change

Caterpillar speaks in riddles without growing to blossom spread wings and fly

TweedleDee and TweedleDum appear for only fun

Down a rabbit whole one falls thrown into madnes

and yet mad hatter doesnt seem mad at all.

Not a dream nor a tale just a MADHOUSE that seems oh too real

A day will come when I can climb out of this MadHouse and soar to greater heights

Bouncing around obsessed with time

One day the world will be mine

Turn this MadHouse into a home

So I can be MAD on my own.






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