Made Me Smile

Not that long ago

I met a boy

We clicked instantly 

He was sweet and not coy

We got to talking 

And found we were

Quite alike

That's for sure

We kept talking 

And he made me

Made me smile 

Made my frown flee

He played well

The piano 

It made me sing 

He put a good show

He was funny 

And easy 

To talk to

Wasn't at all cheesy

Though I don't know

If I'll see him soon

I know we'll meet again 

In a place beyond the moon

So until then 

I'll just wait and 

Remember until

We get to that land 


Lol so ok. This is a true story. Today I just made like one of the best guy friends I will ever have. Sadly... he lives like five hours away from where I live, so I won't get to see him often. But he made me smile! That's awesome. 



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