Madam Life, It Is You That I Need

We all need something or somone

An object or even a pesron

Something for us to grasp and cling onto for the rest of our lives.

Through our sturggling moments to even breathe or grasp the branches that hold 

us above

Dearest Life, it is you that I need

The nights that were filled with harsh waves and a storm that brought more dread to my life

Causing me to fall into the cold ocean, your hand has always been there to pull

me out and bring to me shore.

Dearest life, for the past 18 years, even when things seemed hopeless and useless for me

You opened up a new path for me to find, even when  I lacked air to breathe or power to go on.

Dearest Life, thank you for letting me cling onto your dress

when all hope has fallen for me.

I will forever see your true importances, even since birth

Even beyond my death.

Time and time you've helped me conquer death himself and put him below me.

Your sweet voice chimes through the wind and ever day! Every day I can hear

the things you tell me.

The things that help me get by day after day

Things that make me tell myself, that I will be okay!

Because of your constant creations of this world and new doors that open for me

I know from all this, that you're something I truly do need.



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