Macbeth, Regal Shepherd of Germany

I am Macbeth,

A regal shepherd of Germany,

My only purpose is to love and protect,

These I shall do for all eternity,

Though I’m not a king or prince,

The townsfolk treat me like a hero,

And to believe it was all because

I helped my master Fiero,

My master and I do not hunt,

We do nothing along the lines of killing at all,

In fact most of our time

Is spent throwing a ball,

Before my arrival Fiero was another child,

Always being picked on at school,

And the bullies cared not what they did,

Even if it was against a very important rule,

Fiero became emotionally crippled,

Unable to go outside without fear,

Little did my boy know,

His salvation was oh so near,

Fiero’s parents stepped in saying,

“This must end today!”

Though the school said pets weren’t allowed,

Since I was a special needs dog they let the adults have their way,

I chose Fiero myself,

It may seem strange to you,

But we dogs pick our humans,

Just like humans choose us too,

That day a boy named Joe

Came by to take Fiero’s lunch,

I knew I had to do something,

You could call it a hunch,

I leaped in front

And growled at Joe with a lion’s ferocity,

And he got my point,

That he had worn out his share of Fiero’s generosity,

As Joe scampered off Fiero gave me a pat on the head,

“Good boy, Macbeth,” he exalted with a voice full of pride,

I was proud of myself too,

And walked with a faster stride,

Fiero and I have made lots of children

Smile as if the sun never hides behind the clouds,

They proclaimed our story to everyone who would listen,

If my parents heard they too would be proud,

But I didn’t act as I did to be a hero,

I did it out of love,

For to Fiero I may as well be

His angel sent from above,

I am Macbeth,

A regal shepherd of Germany,

Though truly I am not royal,

Fiero says everyday, “You’re a noble prince to me!”



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