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How to heaven cries for you, that these were merit and sound apart, from me in a better form for loser life in shares, to hallow in a war for where was me to knowing who was gone, from these in a human battleing, that there was more to ark in me apart from anything that there was well,
that there was the fatherless mckillop, and in what was ark a son you could know but I don’t know the story, still, in sharest wells before but a hero made king
and was he worth it was always so of scotland but there was simple a name in ease for there to be scottish kings
called king of scotland high, in heaven for to where was me in know,so low we name, and gone to knowing park, in where was worth to seven aisles aret, that here was the truth you were only told where scotland came from
and you were only told when or where you are born
                  are you so dogged stupid to never venture scotland can only have been bran new? set to who in a babe regard always was there ages more
and some were come in where was me, how before you
when you were not there? stood before you never once till you were there and then before them stood you too.. so in days for a name, but gone to knowing well, if I said I was the last king of scotland I dont’ have to care what you think I meant
and if I said mickaellop was the first king of scotland you can guess they meant different things. this is going to be difficult. you do know the words, yes?  setting becker haven apart, there was little sense to naming you well in ark
that he could not be called scotland nor I, shour of course in can, and if that his was name a king his son, that there could you know
and king meant son for where was there in know, there was a king of second scotland or know I broke the phrase and that was not a phrase to know that had that one set, in sticks stone broken well in faither for to knowing where you Are still sung, and so knowing where was me, in hu was heven setting me, and there to park in by, in hart, but what was gone if I spelled the words human and haven both together?
                  Where was ark, for a sill’d game, and wonder in a world for these to knowing an ark I’d share kingship with an Owl any hour you thought my name so high, in heaven setting how could you not venture far enough
to find another king so worth as you and find that what was king was well and good to both of you and that was Scotland your own hope to first in start and know, in more, but further still to setting well, or saved a cub, my friend’s known well...
the cub can dream you’ve got an owling monkey worth in where was how you sing, sew... but there was more to knowing they called her girl
the cub born seer sing king well in where was avatar’th rothe, and liking more to knowing still in where was a king for a girl, and these for knowing hartist that theyn to tell mey owen, but hark, for knowing less to Lie in teller tales, but of me often, still in sing for more’n to know
that morning name him do they sing, and into knowing call, for all, the know the saound, by his own name Honiker, agaiyn...
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My country


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