Lyrics amidst flames


You looked at me and said

I see it

Lying there next to you

Feeling the veins of your sheets

Pump forever into our skin


You love me right

Coffee in the morning

Sextime turns into tongues tied and landslides


On and on and on

Fucking in the morning

Take me all of me God I hope I still know me 

Louisiana doesn’t sound the same

But I’m no longer afraid


We drink the streets and get drunk off of time

Tables and faces and people change but I’m always across from you


Mistaking words of sobriety for chains

Building bricks and what is this and you tied down



My god I think I saw a ghost

She came to you in a state of half-sleep

So why does she haunt my dreams


I don’t wanna know but this is essential

Nevermind //just sing me to sleep




I’m over settling

You push me and pull me and I like



I’m yours

but –careful- don’t burn yourself

And try not to ground light (bright, star-sight, shooting star, where we are, far, in, happy)

This isn’t your fault but you gave Icarus glue

Arbitrary means to higher ground. 

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