Lying Under a Shaded Spot


That day was lovely

exactly my favorite word to use

you and i stayed together

from sunrise to late that night

the way you eat your eggs and sip your orange juice

to the way you lay in the grass and look up 

searching the sky as if for a clue

and all the while

i look at you 

in all your entirety

i trace your hairline

all the beauty marks that cover your face

your imperfections that make you


i watch your mouth

as they form all kinds of adventures

i listen to your voice 

as each sound is changed by your preference

And then you look to me

and i catch myself falling

because i notice your eyes

and the truth in everything you say

ecspecially when you say you love me

looking at you, i feel those words

every hint of that phrase

feels like a new beginning.


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