Her past love was crapBut she took a chance on me, we met eyes in NevadaUsed up all of a split second to see that this would be more concrete than just a weekend evening at the MoheganDerived from Heaven’s gateDelivered by Heaven’s fate on angel wing tip shippingSigned sealed delivered and pinned with a Ribbon in the SkyBut there was always a wall built that highSo I had to channel my inner Super Saiyan Samson to break down bricksPiece by pieceHer motivational speech sounded like “Don’t give up on me, us and or we”Opted out of taking other options that wore little black dresses to feel acceptedMy type of love wears her heart for a sleeve, has a third eye view and her mind as a weaponWebster is flipping through pages to find the beauty she redefinedShe defines a need not a wantOn her knees not for the medulla oblongataBut for the Lord to bless her motherWho gave birth to a queen


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