Tue, 07/02/2013 - 12:14 -- bash15


The way she move

So beautiful and delicate and so tempting

Even when my friends are around me

She still manage to attract my attention


Looking in her eyes we began to speak

Not verbally but physically were our chemistry begins to grow

Walking in each others directions

We study each others apperance


She dresses sexy with a lustful smile and confidents that she knows she can tame me

She looks stunning and beautiful in a black top dress with the lace slightly open and the hills clacking with sexy dark cut long silk jeans matching

One look at her, with her face of an angel and hair in all its glory with the body built for lust

I am in a trance my focus has shift to her my friends are forgotten as I walk to her and study her from head to toe


I feel swayed as she gets closer to me

Almost like a vampire commanding me and I can't break the spell

She studys me as if to see if I am worthy of her beauty

I want to move but I can't my body and mind feel calm around her


However, my soul is wild and burning

As if trying to warm me of how much my desires can cause such lustful fire within me

I am dress in a cut white tank top and cool blue jeans

She seems to admire my look as it is different from everyone else around us 


She begin to whisper in my ear and touch me tenderly

Ever gently with her touch she is slowly seducing me

I listen to the melody of her voice as she tells me all my desires without even getting to know me

Names have not been exchanged but she has me in the pawn of her hands ready to devour me


As she finish speaking she has a look on her face as if she already knows the answers to all my questions and isn't suprised by the stun expression on my face

I ask her how does she understand a complete stranger like me she replies by her sweet kiss that makes me yield to her command and silence any concerns in me 

After the kiss I felt sensation after sensation ready to take her side and be the alpha male

Never wanting to let her go she noticed right away


Filled with lustful desire we left my friends to go to my place

Her sweet music and dynamic moves had me burning from head to toe

She was doing it on purpose as she dance with me

She works it and grinds it good to my every calling passion


From sweet music to sweet honey licking

To jaw dropping attraction and physical action

Her kiss and touch were heaven sent and her control were ever sweet

Her way to seduce were ever creative as she kept me coming back for more


Truly a desire dream of a beautiful lustful woman and an amazing night

With her ability to swoon me into the man I wanted to be for the day and feel such temptation take hold of me in the night

While still being aware of whats going on and having fun like there was no tomorrow

Withe every lustful desire capture in my mind, body and soul 





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