Lust and desire

Lust and desires

by Sandrajohnsonj on June 16, 2021.  © Sandra Johnson, All rights reserved

My love i lust after you. I have so many desires for you. I need you near me. Filling your skin touching mine.

I desire your lips on mine. You're smell. Your beauty beyond compare.
I long for your taste.

Is this desire for you to strong? Oh how i long for your brest to be agenst mine. Fell the heat of your body next to mine.

We both have lust and desires. Why don't you tell me what you have in mind.

I want to hold you. So close that are hearts start beating as one.. as our sous untwine making love.

All it takes is just one touch one warm embrace. And it sends our souls off to our lust and desires.

I long for us to walk together hand in hand the the oceans tide. Feet in the sand our prints we leve behind side by side.

I long to grab your waste pull you so close in to me. Kiss your neck your lips your brest.

And hold you in my sweet caressed.
As i lay there by your side your eyes Lock with mine. Lost deep within each other's souls.

Connection so deep. That the lust and desires begin to creep once again. There gose our souls making love out of control.

With deep love connection our heart minds and souls. And we give it to one another's lust and desires.
I can't wait to kiss your lips hold your body next to mine.And get lost in each other's eyes as our souls entwine .
And no one else can come close to taking your place.No one holds a candle to you my love
Your the only one who makes my life complete.

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