Lupine Love

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 17:17 -- SicV

Oh, I’m here waiting for you
With a devil on my shoulder
And an angel embedded in my heart

Waiting for a moment of clarity
Brighter than the sun
Fresher than the morning air
As dew sticks to grass
And the scent lingers in my mind

Maybe we’re meant to be, soul mate of mine
Entwined happily
Can’t you see
I’m the sky as blue as the ocean
You’ll be the clouds, thunderous and booming that continuously roam in motion

Mercurial at best
Always better than the rest
Please, come closer like the waves crashing against cliffs
Closing up the spaces and rifts

You’re the predator
And I’m the prey
Wolf hunt deer
The lion falls in love with the lamb

Gain the courage to recognize
Gain the spite to speak to me
Reach for the stars
Fall off the ground
You may be lost before I am found


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