Lucky To Have You

As I sit and wait on your text back

I realize how lucky I am

To have you

And as I take the time to think

Im breathless thinking about you

Im so in love with you

And as I try to catch my breath 

I want you in my arms

I hold you close

And I realize I want no one else

Except you

Even as we fight the distance

I know that with you I believe we can get through anything

And though the distance kills me sometimes

Im comforted knowing that the love doesnt fade

And I continue to hold onto the hope

That you will never give up on me

And that Fills my heart with happiness

Love may be easy

And we may fight

But knowing that youll always love me

It helps me get through the day

And I begin to know that God put us together

Because we are meant for each other

And with love, faith and trust 

Nothing can stop us

For in the end

We wont stop fighting for each other

And the love will never fade

Ill do anything for you

For we are meant to be in each others arms

I wanna spend the rest of my life

With you next to me

Every step of the way

And keep you as mine 

Forever and ever


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