Loving You.


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Loving you is becoming addicted to pain killers.
At first,
You take them out of true need,
A need for friendship,
Somebody to talk to,
To be released of hurt and pain.
It goes extremely well.
You carry on with an energy you have never felt before.
Giddy with excitement because you no longer have pain.
And soon,
You begin to always enjoy this great feeling,
So much so to where you are connected on a daily basis.
People can tell you are acting differently,
Always happy,
Always smiling.
You do not notice it,
But soon you will not be able to function with out them.
As much as you deny it,
It becomes a reality.
You will find different ways to take them in,
Facebook IM’s turn into texting,
Texting turning into phone calls,
Those phone calls go from minutes to hours,
And the hours are late into the night.
At any given time,
You may be IM’ing them while talking on the phone,
And all the while,
Talking to each other on webcams.
You don’t realize it,
But you’re becoming addicted to them.
Addicted to the high of interacting with them.
Soon, just texting them is not enough.
You jump at any chance to hangout with them in person,
Or at least make plans all the time to.
It becomes so serious in your head that you cannot function without them.
You fall into deep depression and withdrawals,
For reasons that nobody could understand,
Unless they have been through it themselves.
You tell yourself,
I must break this addiction,
But what harm has it caused anybody?
I mean you know about your addiction so well,
You can manage it,
No, you cannot.
Believe me,
I’ve tried.
The only thing I can say,
Is that love should come with a warning label,
One that says,
“Possible side affects: Depression, Insomnia, and your heart may blow into a million pieces.”

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