Loving a Smart Boy


Lately I've been thinking about loving a smart boy. 

Would he measure my being with 
theorems and laws 
only to find my mind lacking?
Or would he smile to know 
that I am willing to learn from him
if he really wants to teach me?

I would do my hardest to understand 
his love of Chemistry so long as 
he know tht I cannot be broken down
and manipulated like an equation. 

He would learn very quickly that his 
outstanding mind will not protect him
from being called an idiot when he does 
something wrong. 

But all he has to do to redeem himself
is draw dopamine and norepinephrine 
on my palms to remind me that I hold
love in my hands. 

He may not be the Prince of fairytales, 
but I've found that people have always
underestimared just how Charming a
bunch of useless facts can be.


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