Loving me

I've spent years wondering what self love felt like
I've longed for the gentle whisps of my smooth tips on my thighs
For the curve of my back and my heart to reach for the stars
To swipe my thumb across my bottom lip and send kisses down my fingers
I've longed for the nights I explore the tender spots on my hips and neck
And reach down for my toes and unfurl back up

I've wanted to see stars in my own eyes
With my head risen above at the moon and let her energy flow through down my throat
I've longed to hear my own voice cry out my own name
For the day I don't explore my parts and think about someone else
They aren't guaranteed to stay

But I will with the knowledge of how to praise the Gods embodied in my brown skin
The Phantom Lovers that hugs my bottom and my breast
Stripes that marked the days I've spent longing for time that was never my own from people who aren't my own
My True Lover has always been here and She knows all the ways to make me feel good.

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