Loving a Ghost

Broken pieces of the past create a ghost of a girl,

slowly fading away with each tear and fake smile.

All she ever wanted was love,

but is now afraid she'll never be capable of finding it.

If you plan on loving on ghost,

remember that it's nothing personal when they are constantly terrified of you leaving, 

even when they know you won't,  

they are just used to pain.

If you happen to love a ghost,

be ready to comfort their panicky and deadly thoughts at 2 a.m.,

when  the voices in their head are stronger than your love.

If you really love a ghost,

put away the scale,

throw away their blade,

take away their pain.

It's hard to love a ghost,

but know an unconditional, true, everlasting love,

will surely head your way from this ghost of a girl,

because that's all she wants from you.




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