Loving a Blonde

He had only 

caught a glimpse of 


Of her hair, 

it shined in the sun light 

of the lowering sun

becoming more blonde than it already was. 


He had only 

caught a glimpse of 

her eyes. 

Eyes that showed 

the entire ocean in a 

single glance. 


He had only 

caught a glimpse of 

her lips. 

Lips such a color 

roses would be 

put to shame. 


It was only after 

the glimpse of her 

blonde hair, 

he had fallen in love 

and he couldn’t get away. 


It was as if 

looking at her 

blonde hair had put 

a spell of love over him. 


Whatever it may have been 

he was too far 

in love with 

a stranger 

who had blonde hair,

had ocean blue eyes 

and rose colored lips 

and he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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