Lovesick and Fading

Sat, 10/20/2012 - 18:30 -- Da2073


United States
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She still remembers him.
The only man to know her touch
She gave him all she had to offer
but he didn't leave her much
more than some memories.
The only ones she'll ever know.
She has some time to think them over
as her last days creep by slow
just like her lover's did.
She watched him wither day by day
if he had known he had this sickness
he'd have pushed her love away
to keep her safe from this
So she could have a chance at life.
So she could live to see her future
as a mother; as a wife
and not be doomed to this.
He would have kept her body pure
but now they'll share both life and death
because there isn't any cure.

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