Loves Twisted Wounds


Sometimes love grows in the twisted wounds of flesh, 

Each beat in the heart tingling out a smile to show the beauty within,

Pulsing with vivid details like the memory was so recent,

Yet it starts to fall so far away from the place it was found, 

Trikling warm thickened blood runs deep threw the bones,

Feeling emotions of so many things so high it touches your soul, 

Living day-to-day as you watch it grow stronger with each moment, 

Sharp stings only show how much you've held in,

Is this the moment you scream that darkness within?, 

Is this the twisted wounds that love has grown around?,

What once was warming is now so cold and fragile,

The slightest mood of weiry and everything shatters all away,

Trying so hard to show your true best, 

These feelings, so many, and you can't hold your breath,

What is?, Will it still be?,

Not knowing your future is quite scary,

Thinking so much, All your plans that have failed, 

Will God finally shed light upon you?, 

Or will he make you feel so dead and empty for all of your life?, 

Can you fight with Will to show him you can be right!?, 

Or will you let time take over all of your might?, 

Now I see that love does grow in the twisted wounds of flesh,

Now I Can fight! And show him who I WANT TO BE!

                                                                                                     ~ 1mdeiter


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