Love's Silly Games

You threw away the expensive bouquet I left on your desk,
And you tore up the greeting card I sent you.
When I call your phone, the answering machine says,
“Please leave your name and a message after the tone.”
You weren’t there when I went to your office.
We made arrangements to have dinner at 8:00 p.m.,
But you didn’t show up at the restaurant.
I was so embarrassed that I had to optimistically say,
“Waiter! One more glass of wine please, my date is late.”

I know you’re upset because I played with your emotion,
But I think you’re overreacting to the situation.
You didn’t have to take your stuff with you.
Don’t stay at your parent’s old cottage every night.
You’re not to blame for love’s silly games.
I noticed that you left your favourite magazines and CDs.
You’ll be back sooner than you think, sweetie.

I tried everything I could to prevent you from leaving,
But you sped off angrily in your Mercedes.
I walked along Bamboo Avenue alone in despair.
Honestly, I’ll make things right if you move in back with me.
My ladylove, just tell me what to say and do.
How can I make it up to you satisfactorily?
Everyone has to go through the vicissitudes of love,
And sometimes all of us play love’s silly games.


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